Supervising/Leading First Aid for Mental Health (Level 3/6)

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What will I gain from this qualification?

This qualification covers the content in Level 1 and 2 and then goes into more detail on a wider range of mental health conditions, and the support and help provided by healthcare professionals.

You will be able to demonstrate:

  • What mental health is, why people develop mental health conditions and the role of a First Aider for Mental Health
  • How to provide support and start a conversation with someone experiencing poor mental health
  • Know how to recognise and manage stress
  • Understand the impact of substance abuse on mental health
  • The First Aid Action Plan for mental health and how to put this into practice
  • How to implement a positive mental health culture in the workplace
  • Understand a range of mental health conditions and behaviours and the support/therapy provided by professional healthcare providers

During the 6-week period you will cover:


Module 1 – An introduction to the Qualification

Module 2 – What is First Aid for Mental Health?

Module 3 – Identifying mental health conditions and early signs

Module 4 – Providing support and starting a conversation

Module 5 – Stress


    • 2-hour group or 1-to-1 live online Zoom guided learning session


Module 6 – Drugs and alcohol

Module 7 – First Aid Action Plan for mental health

Module 8 – Mental health in the workplace

Module 9 – Depression

Module 10 – Anxiety

Module 11 – Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder


    • 2-hour group or 1-to-1 live online Zoom guided learning session


Module 12 – Self-harm

Module 13 – Suicide

Module 14 – Eating disorders

Module 15 – Personality disorders

Module 16 – Bipolar disorder

Module 17 – Psychosis

Module 18 – Schizophrenia


    • 2-hour group or 1-to-1 live online Zoom guided learning session


1-to-1 assessment conducted online via Zoom which takes up to 70 minutes


What are the entry requirements?


The minimum age is 16 years or over. This distance learning qualification requires a level of unsupervised learning and literacy skills be able to read and self-learn the reference manual and additional resources.

How long does it take?


Weeks to complete


Hours of Guided Learning via Zoom, either in groups or individually


Hours (minimum) of self-study

What resources will I have access to?


You will benefit from


  1. Lifetime access to our user-friendly, interactive online learning system which includes a collection of informational resources to utilise as a “go to” source of knowledge, including online lessons, discussions, articles, statistics, graphics, and research.
  2. Live, interactive sessions conducted online by a skilled facilitator
  3. A First Aid for Mental Health guide to refer to at any time
  4. A digital certificate from an educational awarding body
  5. Lifetime access to a large digital resource library

What does the assessment involve?


To be awarded the qualification you must successfully pass a verbal professional discussion assessment conducted online via Zoom which takes around 70 minutes. The assessment paper is a mix of multiple choice questions and open questions with short answers.

What qualification will I receive?

You can choose to receive either:


  • FAA Level 3 Award in Supervising First Aid for Mental Health RQF – applies to England, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • Award in Leading First Aid for Mental Health at SCQF Level 6 – applies to Scotland


The qualification is valid for three years from the date of achievement.

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Group Bookings

£2800 + VAT for up to 12 people


Courses for one to six people cost £450 + VAT per individual.


If the venue is in Scotland’s central belt, the two-day on-site classroom version costs the same. Otherwise, there will be an additional charge.


Individual Booking (One-to-One)

£450 + VAT per person


One-to-One learners have four weeks from the date of purchase to contact us and schedule three 2-hour LIVE Zoom guided learning sessions and a 70-minute assessment. The sessions and assessment must be scheduled within a six-week time frame.