Thrive and Connect

Thrive and Connect Workplace Wellness Programme

This a banner of the Thrive and Connect programme.

Creating thriving teams through fun and engaging adventurous outdoor activities and mindful wellness sessions.

A unique wellbeing and team building programme for creating thriving and successful teams.

Welcome to our Thrive and Connect Wellbeing Programme, a revolutionary wellbeing programme, brought to you by two of Scotland’s Premier Social Enterprises, MHScot Workplace Wellbeing in partnership with Venturing Out

With a dynamic combination of adventurous outdoor team building activities, mindful wellness sessions, and positive psychology practices, this programme is designed to help organisations build winning teams and cultivate a preventive wellbeing approach in the workplace.

Why invest in mental health and wellbeing in the workplace?

According to the Health and Safety Executive statistics published in 2021/22, an estimated 914,000 workers suffered from work-related stress, depression or anxiety (new or long-standing) which accounted for 50% of all work-related ill health.


This is costing the UK economy almost £118 billion per year. Clearly, the economic case is strong for investing in mental health awareness and support with organisations seeing an average £5 return for every £1 spent.


Furthermore, research has shown that happier employees are more productive, and a positive mental health culture in an organisation can improve team collaboration, attract and retain talent, increase employee engagement and help reduce presenteeism, absenteeism and leavism.

Why choose ‘Thrive and Connect’ for your organisation?

1️⃣ Our programme is a beneficial initiative for your organisation to promote positive mental health and enrich the lives of their employees.

2️⃣ It takes a preventative approach to wellbeing and mental health, helping you reduce presenteeism, absenteeism and leavism.

3️⃣ By creating a culture of positive mental health, your organisation can also improve team collaboration, attract and retain talent, and increase employee engagement.

4️⃣ With this programme, you can create an effective structure that is tailored to the individual needs of your organisation

5️⃣ This programme facilitates better communication between your team members, through team bonding, creating an environment of mutual trust and respect.

6️⃣ Thrive and Connect is an invaluable benefit for your organisation to stand out in a competitive recruitment environment and attract top talent.

Benefits of the Programme

Through our Thrive and Connect Programme participants will flourish through:

🟣 Gaining a fundamental knowledge of wellbeing and positive psychology

🟣 Unlocking powerful techniques to increase positive emotions

🟣 Tapping into personal character strengths for greater success

🟣 Learning how to build strong, supportive relationships with teammates

🟣 Building self-confidence and resilience to tackle adversity head on

🟣 Engaging in activities to help reduce work-related stress and anxiety

🟣 Developing the skills needed for continuous learning and growth

🟣 Creating an action plan for improved physical and mental wellbeing

How Thrive and Connect works

Thrive and Connect is a 6-month programme for your employees packed with fun, engaging and mindful activities and learning.

Each month participants will explore a different wellbeing topic through each of the following:

🖥️ A 1.5 Hour Wellness Webinar via Zoom

    • Based on research in positive psychology, these wellbeing topics aim to increase psychological wellbeing, happiness, fulfilment, and flourishing.

🚵‍♂️ A 1 Full-Day Team Building Outdoor Adventurous Activity in Nature.

    • Participants can choose from a range of activities including hill walking, bushcraft, rock climbing, coasteering, trail cycling, and water activities.
    • Each activity can be tailored to suit all level of abilities.

📚 Self-Paced Learning with recommended wellbeing and positive psychology exercises via our Exclusive Learning Community.

    • Self-Pacing learning allows participants learn at their own pace, apply the techniques, reflect and integrate the knowledge into their life and work.

Take the leap of faith into a brighter future for both your organisation and its employees. Join us in inspiring sustainable wellbeing that will empower individuals to thrive both in the workplace and beyond!

Get ready to see your team thrive!