Our next First Aid for Mental Health (Level 2) Public Open Course

Starts on the 7th March 2022

First Aid for Mental Health Qualifications

Our national qualifications in First Aid for Mental Health will enable you to become an effective listener and communicator; provide appropriate reassurance and information; promote self-help strategies and signpost to relevant professional services.

Organisational Wellbeing - A Strategic Approach

This course focuses on the strategic role that mental health and wellbeing play in the workplace. We consider ways to implement an all-staff approach to improve workplace wellbeing and organisational performance.

Network Events

Our free, quarterly Networking Events provide a forum for everyone interested in mental health in the workplace. At these online events we share tips and strategies for supporting mentally healthy workplaces and promote good practice. Guest speakers bring their specialist knowledge to the table.

FREE First Aid for Mental Health Taster Session

Register here to try out a free taster session of our learning platform and see what the courses cover and how they are presented.

Leadership and Mental Health

This course helps those in management and leadership roles to support their own and their team’s mental health and wellbeing. With improved communication, enhanced engagement and a people-centered approach you are better able to empower your teams to thrive and achieve their goals.

Short Mental Health and Wellbeing Sessions

Our half-hour, online sessions are suitable for everyone and are a great way to encourage learning and development in workplace wellbeing while promoting a culture of positive change. The focus of these sessions can be client driven.

We are Scotland’s first social enterprise focusing on stress prevention and early mental health intervention in the workplace.

Great organisations invest in people and workplace culture, and for every £1 spent by employers on mental health interventions they get £5 back in reduced absence, presenteeism and staff turnover. (Deloitte, 2020)