Programme of Mental Health & Wellbeing Topics

Start your learning journey in Mental Health and Wellbeing

How will this programme help me?


We understand that it’s not always possible, or practical, to have staff on full or half-day courses. So we think we’ve hit upon a great way to give your employees a ‘taster’ session of some of the key workplace mental health and wellbeing issues.


These short sessions are suitable for everyone in the workplace and are a great way of encouraging a learning and development environment in your organisation. This will also help to create a consistent message and promote a culture of change.


Best of all, as the courses are short, they are highly accessible and can become a part of a normal working day.


Session Format


We run these as presentations. At points during the sessions you will be invited to share comments or feedback via Chat which can be seen by all attendees.

These are some of the examples of sessions we can offer


Looking after your mental health and wellbeing while working from home


Identifying how we can look after our mental health and wellbeing whilst working from home and explore ways to promote good well-being.


What is stress and identifying the causes and effects


The definition of stress, what can cause stress and the difference between pressure and stress. Warning signs of stress and how to manage stress.


Managing Anxiety


Recognising the signs and symptoms of anxiety and learning strategies and techniques to manage anxiety.


Understanding Resilience


Using the Wheel of Life to explore resilience in more depth. Asking questions to help participants reflect on areas of their own lives that they already have good resilience and possible areas for improvement.


What about other topics and formats?


See our page on Bespoke Workplace Wellbeing Workshops and Courses for topic ideas and suggestions. All sessions can be tailored to suit your requirements.

How does it work?


For you and your staff to get the most from these sessions, we recommend group sizes from 15 to a maximum of 35 participants.



How long does it take?


Each session lasts approximately 30-minutes and we can include a Q&A session at your request. If you would like a 60-minute session, please let us know.

Your investment in these webinars is


1 x session £300 + VAT
2 x sessions £550 + VAT
3 x sessions £795 + VAT
4 x sessions £1020 + VAT
5 x sessions £1250 + VAT
6 x sessions £1440 + VAT
7 x sessions £1610 + VAT
8 x sessions £1760 + VAT
9 x sessions £1890 + VAT
10 x sessions £1950 + VAT