Positive Psychology and Wellbeing eLearning Series

Start your learning journey in Mental Health and Wellbeing

Our mission is to help our clients create mentally healthy workplaces. We know that prevention and early intervention can profoundly impact a person’s wellbeing both at work and at home. With this in mind, we have developed a Positive Psychology and Wellbeing eLearning Series to help you improve your wellbeing and mental health using the latest research in psychological self-management.

What is positive psychology?


Positive psychology is the ‘scientific study of optimal functioning of people and organisations.’ It focuses on aspects of the human condition that lead to psychological wellbeing, fulfilment, and flourishing. There are three central concerns: positive experiences, positive individual traits and positive institutions. In other words, it is a humanistic approach to psychology that goes beyond managing negative emotions and focuses on building positive emotions.

The benefits of positive psychology and wellbeing


The goal of positive psychology is to improve psychological wellbeing and to increase the prospect of success at work and beyond. In addition to helping us feel good, positive wellbeing translates into other benefits such as enhanced performance, increased self-awareness, improved emotional self-regulation, better and more meaningful relationships with others and enriches our life experience.

Who is this eLearning Series for?


These short courses are suitable for everyone interested in learning how to apply positive psychology techniques to improve their outlook and responses at home, at work and in general life.

Course Format


These are self-paced eLearning courses delivered via MHScot’s Learning Management System. This means that you can start anytime, learn at your own pace, apply the techniques, reflect and integrate your knowledge in your everyday life.

Course Topics

The eLearning courses put selected positive psychology theories into practice and allow learners to consider the context within organisations and its applications in life.

Here are the first four courses in the series:

Prioritising Positivity for Wellbeing

Launches 1st July 2022!

This course aims to help you become more aware of positive experiences and to identify and choose strategies for cultivating positive emotions to enhance your wellbeing and mental health.

Rethinking Stress for Positive Change (coming soon)


This course aims to help you break the hold that stress has on your life. By learning to respond to stress with your strengths and using stress to fuel positive change, you can become happier, healthier, and more productive.

Putting Character Strengths to Work (coming soon)


This course aims to help you become more aware of your character strengths and explore new ways of using them to enhance your engagement in life and at work.

Gratitude as a Pathway to Happiness (coming soon)


This course aims to help you understand the science and benefits of gratitude and build a gratitude practice to enhance your wellbeing and relationships and consider how you can bring gratitude into the workplace.

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Option 2
  • £180+ VAT
  • This is for 1 online course and a 60-min 1-to-1 coaching session.
Option 3
  • £200+ VAT
  • This is for 1 online course, a 60-min 1-to-1 coaching session PLUS an opportunity to build your personal positivity portfolio.