Supporting Employee Mental Health & Wellbeing

Supporting Employee Wellbeing

Supporting Employee Mental Health & Wellbeing

It’s been a busy and rapid first half of the year for MHScot. We’ve found ourselves working with a very diverse range of organisations, each with very unique needs and demands. A theme that runs through them all is the urgency for employees and volunteers to proactively practice self-care. Whatever the role there is little doubt that the pressures people are facing are two-fold; their own and other peoples.

We were fortunate enough to highlight these at an event held recently by Holyrood Communications on Supporting Employee Mental Health & Wellbeing (highlighted by us a few months ago). Some of the slides we’ve added here, as sometimes the context of a business case requires highlighting first. The most repeated discussions throughout the day were about how to ‘start a conversation‘ in the workplace about mental health and wellbeing. The importance being that we ALL have mental health and for some of us it’s poor mental health in the form of stress, or depression, anxiety etc. Many people are finding it a challenge to encourage their organsations that this is an issue of utmost importance and that doing nothing now is going to be catastrophic in terms of the financial and human costs.

On that basis, we’re very keen to highlight the importance of ‘starting a conversation‘ if you’ve not already done so and we’re happy to help facilitate that process. Wherever you are on your journey, make sure it’s continually at the top of your agenda.

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