MHScot welcomes HSE announcement on Mental Health First Aid

MHScot welcomes HSE announcement on Mental Health First Aid (1)

MHScot welcomes HSE announcement on Mental Health First Aid

As many of you may already know, here at MHScot we believe that every workplace should promote good mental health amongst their employees and support employees who are suffering with poor mental health.

So, we were very pleased to see that, in the past few days, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), who are Britain’s regulator for workplace health and safety, has announced new advice for employers on how to support employees experiencing mental health issues in the workplace, including the training of staff as ‘Mental Health First Aiders’.

The announcement follows the publication of an open letter to the Prime Minister, signed by the CEOs of over 50 leading employers, calling on the government to uphold its manifesto pledge to change Health and Safety law to include mental health.

“We welcome this as a huge stride forward to get mental health issues recognised in the same way as provision is made for physical first aid.” Catherine Eadie, MHScot.

As part of our work as Scotland’s first social enterprise tackling stress prevention and early intervention in the workplace, we strive to provide the best quality mental health education, which includes Mental Health First Aid.

And, for us, a key part of the implementation of this process is as is recommended in the HSE announcement – for employers to appoint ‘Workplace Mental Health First Aiders – i.e. someone who is trained and qualified in providing mental health first aid support to colleagues in the workplace.

MHScot has been leading the way in offering an extensive range of training, advice and support in the provision of a Mental Health Framework and Mental Health First Aid Programme in the workplace, and we’d love the chance to show why it’s so vital in today’s working world and the difference it can make to your organisation.

Written by MHScot Team Member, Amanda Opie

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