MHScot goes from strength to strength, find out why…

MHScot goes from strength to strength, find out why…

Welcome to the latest MHScot blog. As I sat down to put this together, the only word that kept coming to mind was ‘WOW’! That’s because it’s been such a busy few weeks here at MHScot, it’s difficult to know where to start…

2018 Scottish Enterprise Awards Winner

Well, let’s kick things off by saying how proud we are in winning the award for Best Employee Mental Health Support Service in the 2018 Scottish Enterprise Awards.

Obviously, we are absolutely over the moon with this news and I need to say a big ‘well done’ to all the hard working MHScot team, who are so passionate and believe in everything we do – it makes me really proud to write this!

We are also delighted to be included in the latest Senscot Mental Health & Wellbeing Briefing. Senscot is an organisation that supports Social Enterprises, like MHScot, and helps them grow through a collaborative approach and development of networks.

Their latest briefing looks at “The contribution of Social Enterprise to improving mental health and wellbeing in Scotland” and sets out the issues of how poor mental health and significant health inequalities are an important health challenge in Scotland.

The briefing then set outs how social enterprises are working to improve mental health & wellbeing and highlights opportunities to maximise the benefits, as well as making suggestions to overcome current challenges.

Since my last blog, we have been very busy developing our ‘Workplace Mental Health First Aid Programme’. This is because we believe that every workplace should promote good mental health amongst their employees and support employees who are suffering with poor mental health.

A key part of this programme is implementing ‘Workplace Mental Health First Aiders’. This is, essentially, someone who can offer Mental Health First Aid support to their colleagues in the workplace.

To put that into more context, a Mental Health First Aider would be the ‘go to person’ for:


Mental health first aid in the workplace, in line with their training and competence


Dealing with any relevant mental health matters, in accordance with company procedures

If you would like to find out more about our new Mental Health First Aid Programme please visit our website by clicking here.

I’m also really pleased that our Scotland’s Mental Heath First Aid Courses continue to fill up fast! In fact, at the time of writing, the next available date is for our courses running in February 2019!

Finally, for this blog, regular visitors to our website will know that we publish figures on our site as to the number of people that MHScot has provided training.

I’m very proud to say that, since Feb 2015, we have trained a total of 842 people in various mental health and wellbeing courses and workshops!

And the number continues to grow, as more and more individuals and organisations understand the importance of positive mental health and wellbeing.

Maybe now you can see why one of my first words in this blog was ‘WOW!’, as it’s been an amazing few weeks for MHScot and we look forward to it continuing in the future.

Thank you so much for reading my latest blog and please do message me if you’d like further information on any of the content above by clicking here.

Written by MHScot Team Member, Catherine Eadie

Views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in our blogs belong solely to MHScot.

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