Returning to work Post Covid-19 – What Management need to consider.

15 June 2020
We have been reflecting upon how our routines and working lives need to change in order to protect us from...
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Workplace Mental Health Collaborative

11 March 2020
When I did my Scottish Mental Health First Aid training, I was struck by the power of bringing people together...
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Scottish Parliament Reception – It’s Time to Take Action on Mental Health at Work

16 June 2019
On May 21st, 2019, MHScot Workplace Wellbeing held a reception at the Scottish Parliament which was hosted by MSP Alexander...
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Where Does Mental Health First Aid fit in the Workplace?

29 January 2019
Discussions in the news and on Social Media, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and Health & Safety Executive have been...
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MHScot welcomes HSE announcement on Mental Health First Aid

2 December 2018
As many of you may already know, here at MHScot we believe that every workplace should promote good mental health...
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MHScot goes from strength to strength, find out why…

22 October 2018
Welcome to the latest MHScot blog. As I sat down to put this together, the only word that kept coming...
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Is it ok to take a Mental Health Day?

9 July 2018
Today, it’s still true that our mental health is still not an obvious or as overt consideration as our physical...
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Workplace Wellbeing surveys shows interesting results

23 February 2018
I wanted to share some findings from a recent workplace wellbeing survey that was sent to me, on the subject...
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Scotland’s Year of the Young Person

14 January 2018
The ‘Year of Young People’ here in Scotland is a great opportunity for generations, young and old, to come together...
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MHScot partners with Apex Hotels

21 December 2017
MHScot Workplace Wellbeing C.I.C. and Apex Hotels Edinburgh are tackling mental health in the workplace together, through mutual support in...
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Coping with Christmas, Our guide to ‘managing stress’ this festive season

17 December 2017
Welcome to the latest MHScot blog.   With Christmas just a matter of days away, we thought we’d focus on...
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Thriving at Work – New Report

29 October 2017
On the 26th October 2017 a new report written by Mind's Chief Executive, Paul Farmer and former HBOS Chair, Dennis...
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Mental Health and Disability in the Workplace

26 September 2017
The new Employability in Scotland initiative, which is a product of the recently devolved employment services in Scotland, aims to...
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Suicide – why the increase?

4 August 2017
In all honesty, it was really only a matter of time and in many respects a bit of a reality...
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Here’s What No One Tells You About Workplace Stress and Productivity

20 July 2017
With the UK teetering on the brink of an economic recession and the fallout from Brexit still to be felt,...
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