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First Aid for Mental Health are courses suitable for employees, volunteers and individuals. By clicking one of the three buttons below you can find out more about the levels that we offer to the public.

NB: All the courses are standalone courses, so you can start at any level.

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What’s included in the cost?


  1. Access to our online learning system packed with content, resources, a discussion forum and links to further reading which you can permanently access , providing you log-in monthly.
  2. Online guided learning sessions with a qualified facilitator
  3. A First Aid for Mental Health e-book or paperback manual
  4. Certification costs
  5. Lifetime access to a large digital library of resources

What’s the difference between in-house and public courses?


Our public courses benefit people who:


  • Work for small organisations where group training is difficult to organise
  • Work for organisations that do not have the required number of delegates to run a group session
  • Would like to meet and network with peers from other organisations (when attending group Zoom sessions)
  • Would prefer a safe environment out of the workplace and away from colleagues
  • Would prefer to share knowledge and learnings with people from different organisations via the online learning platform and Zoom sessions
  • Are studying, volunteering or out-of-work
  • Are working but would like to fund the course themselves for their own personal development