Building and Maintaining Resilience

Start your learning journey in Mental Health and Wellbeing

Resilience is the ability to cope with and rise to the challenges, problems and set-backs that you face and come back stronger from them.


Develop and strengthen your resilience by learning practical strategies to support yourself and others with our building and maintaining resilience online course.


How will this course help me?


This interactive four-part course will introduce you to a different way of thinking about situations and tools and strategies to help strengthen resilience


  • Identify the strengths and development areas for your own resilience through storyboarding
  • Understanding the link between pressure, performance and stress
  • How to use the ABC resilience tool to challenge negative thinking
  • Develop effective problem-solving skills
  • How to support yourself and others


Who is it for?


This course is for all staff.


How long does it take?


This is an interactive four-week online course at 2 hours a week. We can also tailor this for your needs.


After Care


We recommend after 2-3 months that the facilitator and group get back together via a zoom meeting for a 30 min After Care meeting. We facilitate a discussion about your engagement with the tools and strategies you will have learnt on the course and provide an opportunity to answer questions.


How much does it cost?


The average price per group is £1200 +VAT – maximum of 12 participants.


Please contact us for a quote if you would like something tailored for your organisation based upon your particular needs.