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Advising on mental health management strategies including successfully helping employees return to work and making reasonable adjustments once they return
Providing mental health mediation, guidance and support for managers and employees.
Applying diagnostic approaches to support staff that are currently experiencing mental health issues in your organisation and to help them where appropriate stay in work.
Advising your organisation on increasing disclosure of mental ill-health in your workplace.
Provide advice and information on the adoption and monitoring of employee assistance programmes.

Mental Health Audits

Employers have a legal duty of care to their employees, effective stress audits based on the HSE’s Management Standards pro-actively provide a preventative level of intervention.
We can provide the resources for conducting and assessing stress audits and stress risk assessments for your organisation and these will produce both quantitative and qualitative data.
We can advise on how stress audits and assessments can become part of your organisations culture, policies and management processes.
From the data we can assist with the development and implementation of appropriate action plans and change management.

Policy Reviews

We can develop, evaluate and review your existing policies relevant to the area of stress and mental health e.g. recruitment, reasonable adjustments, sickness management and return to work policies.
We can also help your organisation devise and implement new policies around mental health, equalities and well-being.

Mental Wellbeing Surveys

Using bespoke questionnaires we can undertake confidential staff surveys to assess the overall mental health and well-being of staff in your workplace.
Following the review of the survey results, we can help create new policies, training and positive mental health strategies in order to address the areas of the business that are in need of attention.
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