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MHScot is an established workplace wellbeing Social Enterprise that understands the needs and aspirations of workplace environments in a very person-centered way.

MHScot was founded by Catherine Eadie and with over two decades of experience in mental health and wellbeing. She has seen thousands of people trying to secure and retain gainful employment but failing due to their mental health difficulties not being understood and handled in the right way; it was time to do something about it and MHScot was born.

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About Us
What we do

What We Do

We offer many comprehensive, tailor-made training packages, workshops and bespoke services designed to offer solutions to problems that affect staff morale, performance and well-being.

Everything that we offer is devised to teach several important principles that are often missed in training and development courses. These principles enable you to get the very best from your staff; productive staff are far more likely to achieve to a high standard, which is why we educate you how to empower and promote integrity and work on enhancing the satisfaction factor of their role.

MHScot Workplace Wellbeing CIC understand that all workplaces are different and we work very closely with our clients to achieve the best possible outcomes according to their needs and desires for the future. We believe it’s important to receive regular professional input to stay refreshed and relevant in the workplace and get the most from your employees, whilst becoming a positive role model for others to follow.

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We offer services that are completely customer led by meeting and communicating with you throughout the whole process from beginning to end. We are small, local and our focus is very much on quality. We value our customers and use their feedback to continually improve the quality of our service, fine-tuning and listening to what you say. We understand that to continue to grow and develop, our customers need to be 100% satisfied with the service they receive, every single time.

Rather than being a replacement for Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP’s), MHScot’s focus is at an earlier stage. We know that people may require an EAP only when things have got to a certain point, and a most recent study shows that there is only a 50 per cent recovery rate from those who use EAP’s. It’s very important to intervene much earlier as this is more effective in reducing costs and increasing performance and means that the recovery rate from using EAP’s will increase. It also means that we can identify who may be best suited to using an EAP versus who can be helped much earlier and not end up in a situation where they experience reduced productivity levels, periods of absenteeism, to long term sickness and even overworking to compensate.

For all enquiries about our services and everything that we have to offer, please feel free to get in touch and we’d be more than happy to assist you further.

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About Us